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Washington, DC: Politics And Place

Mark N. Ozer

Who are the persons whose familiar names are part of our everyday lives as we live and visit on the streets of Washington? Why are they there? When did they appear and for what reason? This book deals with the design of the city to reflect its purpose as the capital city of a great country to embody that country and its history; and then of its subsequent role as a world capital to reflect the principles that make it so important to people the world over.

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Tourists, students, recent or long-time residents --can all learn the fascinating story expressed in the street names and statues that surround us in Washington DC. This book tells a story that is both interesting and accurate. - Dr Richard Randall, Executive Secretary Emeritus, United States Board on Geographic Names

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 The City of Washington
    • 1.1 The Early Roads
    • 1.2. The L'Enfant Design
    • 1.3 The Transportation System
  • Chapter 2 The District of Columbia
    • 2.1 The Early Suburbs
    • 2.2 Creating the "Permanent Highway System"
  • Chapter 3 Rock Creek Park
    • 3.1 Rock Creek
    • 3.2 The McMillan Commission
    • 3.3 Rock Creek Park
  • Section II The Names of the Streets
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 4 American Political and Military Figures
      • 4.1 American Political Leaders
      • 4.2 Military Figures
    • Chapter 5 Famous Writers, Scientists and Philanthropists
    • Chapter 6 American Places
  • Section III Washington's Outdoor Public Sculpture
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 7 Statues of pre-Civil War Figures
      • 7.1 The Revolutionary War
      • 7.2 The War of 1812
      • 7.3 The Mexican War
    • Chapter 8 The Civil War
    • Chapter 9 The Wars of the 20th Century
      • 9.1 World War I
      • 9.2 World War II
      • 9.3 The Cold War and Beyond
  • About The Author
  • Table of Figures
  • Works Consulted
  • Index
Washington DC Streets and Statues
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